Thursday, March 24, 2011

Retro Treads for the Stang

I finally got around to picking up some wheels and tyres for the Mustang this week. Those polished alloy wheels were pretty bad and once I had them off, it turned out they are generic four stud wheels, so the hub diameter and the offset were all wrong.

I got a set of old steel wheels and gave them a clean and a coat of paint. My workshop/bathroom came back into serious use again! A set of Cooper Trendsetters with their nice little whitewall sets off the car nicely. I also have some original Mustang hub caps, but they will stay in the cupboard until the car rolls out as they are worth too much and are too easy to steal.

As with all things on the Mustang, a simple job like changing the wheels turned into a 3 day event. First I had to get the new wheels there which involved a shopping trolley and a ride to the parking lot. Once set to go, it turned out the lug nuts and the tyre spanner weren't friends, so everything had to be packed into the Mustang so I could get down to the store and buy a new tyre spanner. Luckily I got a 4 way spanner because it then turned out the 4 of the 16 nuts were 13/16 while the remainder were 3/4!

They all on there now though and looking quite sweet. Just have to sell the old wheels off and get them off our patio. Headliner and new windscreen seals are booked in for Monday and then Dad arrives Wednesday to go on their road trip. Hope the Mustang's up to it!