Monday, April 25, 2011

The Road Trip

Despite leaving, what I thought, was plenty of time, the mustang was just not ready for Mum and Dad's arrival. A windscreen seal held up installation of the headliner, so the road trip started a day and a half late. Dad got a service, transmission fluid change and some new wipers before he left. We also installed the new front bumper which made a top difference at the front end.

The mustang took most of the road trip in it's stride. Around 2000 miles and just some new fuses, some carby adjustment and a whole lot of fuel.

They got snowed in at Kingman Arizona and had to spend an extra night. It was pretty cold the whole trip and the heater doesn't seem to be full on.
In general, the car went excellently. It even covered the "Million Dollar Highway" which included a pass over 11,000 feet above sea level. I was proud to see the old car make it back. She's bloody filthy now and needs a good wash. Dad's already had the carby rebuilt and she's done a trip with me to work. Hardly seems worth it after Utah - Nevada - Arizona - Colorado - Utah!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Getting Set for the Big Road Trip

With Mum and Dad's arrival in the US of A, the Mustang's got to be ready to hit the road. They're going on an epic 12 day road trip through Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming.

I finished off the wheels with their hub caps, threw on the new rear bumper, installed the shiny chrome door lock knobs, replaced the liner in the trunk, touched up the scratches on the paint and drove her down to the shop to get the head liner installed (complete with new windscreen and seals). We're just waiting to get her back so Dad add the final touches (front bumper, new interior light and windscreen wiper blades) and head off into the wide blue yonder!